Saturday, July 12, 2014

Infusing color-----how and where

We all become bored with our surroundings, whether at home or at work.  There comes a point we look around and decide something needs to change.  

 One of the easiest things to change in our own home would be the pillows.  We recently changed up our linen sofa with a variety of green pillows, which meant we had a good excuse to add green to the cocktail table.  However, if you look closely, the greens have some soft blues and aquas added in along with the clear glass that adds a sparkle to everything.

A shelf or mantle will need some color---and that's a great place for a large plate.  Something round mixed in with the usual squares and rectangles, or tall skinny candles holders makes a big statement.  By adding the gold elephant in front of the plate we have subtly added two colors to our table.  Semi-opaque glass can go dull if it is placed in front of a dark background, but you can also add larger pieces of color without it taking over.  The slight transparency can be good and bad.

So many barstools are brown or black---and that is because the big box stores know they will "go with" most of the cabinetry in our homes.  But what if your entire kitchen is white or brown, wouldn't a bright barstool change the look of an otherwise tired kitchen counter?  These swivel stools are available in MANY color combinations.  Ask us about them and we'll pull out the swatches for the metal finishes and cushion fabrics.

While we are on yellow, how about adding the bright color and a more unique shape to your entry table or coffee table?   If too much yellow isn't your cup-of-tea, a small dose of it might be all you need to cheer up an otherwise drab wooden table in your house.  Of course this platter is food safe so bring it onto the dining table with some sliced cheeses or some colorful olives!  We always tell people to use their "pretty plates" for decor when they aren't used for serving.

How will you be infusing color into your home this summer?  Don't wait for the Holidays to take advantage of changing something you live with everyday. 

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