Friday, February 8, 2008

The Installation!

Well, check out the "before" a few pages down and see if it looks like the after. It was difficult to get the detail in the picture. The shadow from the folds are hiding the tiny red/tan check fabric that is just below the tassel fringe. The black valance took about 15 minutes to install. The blue valance above this one took about 45 minutes. Each little rosette had to be attached to a post, which had to be attached to a double-ended screw, which had to be predrilled, which then had to be screwed into the perfectly painted trim! Whew, there's not room for error on this little window. Then, by adding little rings to the posts, we were able to hang the valance from drapery hooks! Notice the glass beads in the fringe, they really look good with a little sunlight peeking through the blinds. What you don't see below is the window seat cushion (guess I forgot to take a picture), that is trimmed out in brush fringe. It's the best looking closet interior in town, I'm sure.

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