Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can you guess where we've been???

The picture above should be enough of a hint. It surely is recognized by everyone that has taken 3rd grade social studies. The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but you knew that.

If you read a few weeks ago we were excited to be attending the Buyers Market, which is held in the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I hope you can visit Philadelphia if you haven't already. We have a few pics to show off before we post about our finds for the store.

Do you recognize this building? It's Independence Hall.

Here's an inside view. This is the room that the Declaration of Independence was adopted. Very basic in decor and stately in appearance. We really enjoyed being in the same room that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and all the others spent so much of their time. Now, I really need to watch the HBO series "John Adams" again. I know they recreated this room down to the last chair.

You might not be as familiar with Philadelphia's City Hall. It is breathtaking, really. You can see it from all over the city.

This view of City Hall is from the courtyard. This is just part of what you see after you walk through the building and into the courtyard.

One more view of the giant building as we walked from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I won't go into anymore detail of the buildings, but if you are interested, the links take you to the appropriate websites. But if you want to hear more, stop in and ask us! We have a few funny stories to tell you, too!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Looks like you took in a lot of history while you were in Philadelphia. We hope next time you come you check out our galleries and boutiques - a lot of great design in neighborhoods like Old City.

I hope you've been to the Marketplace Design Center?


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