Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Philadelphia Markets

Did you notice the word market is plural? Yes, there was not only the Buyers Market
in the wonderful Pennsylvania Convention Center, but there was a farmers market at the Reading Terminal Market. And all of this was just a short walk from our hotel! So short, in fact, that we ate several meals inside the farmers market. The website for the Reading Terminal Market describes it as being nearly as popular as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We didn't know that when we left on our trip, but we know it now! OK, now back to the purpose of the trip, to find new, unusual vendors for the shop. That wasn't difficult to do. You'll see some of them in the pictures below, along with some vendors we didn't buy from---and not because we didn't like them! We stuck to our plan, and chose vendors that would be affordable for our customers, fit in the store, and have a unique look. The hard part was limiting our choices.

Well, it was Valentines Day, and the goodies looked exceptionally good! Our favorite sweet stop was Termini Brothers Bakery. OK, back to business . . . .

One of the new vendors we chose makes fused glass wall pockets. Very bright and fresh looking. They can be used for holding everything from florals to toothbrushes! They should be arriving first. Very cute!

Don't be disappointed, but we didn't buy from the two glass vendors show above. We loved them, and their displays were just beautiful, and thought you might think so, too. If you think it's something you might like to see in person, please let us know. We have some information on several of the glass artists.

Everyone likes new jewelry. If you can't afford the big bling of a glass vase, try some cut glass earrings. Yes, this is another new vendor we picked up for the shop. Her earrings won't be in the store until closer to summer. We overheard shop owners from Vermont talking about her line of earrings, and became intrigued. After making the walk through the huge section of jewelry vendors, we know this one was different!

Back again! No we didn't eat a whole cake, but between us we had a good variety of their goodies.

We visited the Motawi Tile display. You may have seen their tiles in our store, already. It was great to visit with them and talk about the new tiles they are featuring this Spring. Although we didn't buy more, we did invest in some beautiful wooden clocks which feature a Motawi Tile in the body of the clock. No pictures to show you at this time, but we'll keep you posted as to their arrival. We even saw the clocks on sale at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

You might not be able to tell that these little pieces of art are light switch plates. They are hanging on a screen door, which seems to be a perfect way to display so many of these small items. We have several varieties of these on their way---just another small thing you can add to your home that makes more of an impression than you might think. This particular vendor also makes paperweights, and yes, we bought some of those, too.

Stay tuned, as soon as things begin to arrive in the shop, we'll post more detailed information about each one. There's still more to show you, but seeing it in person would be so much better.

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Love the switch plates. beautiful.


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