Monday, March 2, 2009

Finished projects!

Remember the posting a few weeks ago "Pump up the Silk"? Well, we think we accomplished just that. Below is the finished (and unfinished) dining room they now reside in.
You'll notice the faux painting on the dining room wall in the next couple of pictures. Above is the beginning of the project.
Here's a closeup of a finished window. The hardware is from Helser Brothers. The finials we chose were square to coordinate with the shapes in the stair rails and the square shapes in the fabric. If you notice there are only 4 pleats per panel----each pleat has more than the normal amount of fabric to give a very full look to the header. The perfectly coordinated tassel fringe is from catania silk.
The finished room! Wish you could see the entire room, but the early afternoon sun made it nearly impossible to get a good picture. We'll be showing you more pictures as we finish up this project.

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