Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vendor Highlight #3: Kirtz Shutters

The best shutters we've seen are those made in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Also called "The Shutter Mill", but known best as Kirtz Shutters. Tour their website for some great information, but also let us tell you about them in person. Better yet, look at the samples we have in the store. Then, if that's not enough, we know our customers would be more than happy to tell you how much they like their shutters.

It's difficult to get a good camera shot in a dining room without getting the chandelier in the picture, so this was the best we could do! The finish work on these shutters make them look like they were put in when the house was built. They really are like cabinetry. The shutters are completely trimmed out with a tiny piece of molding to hide any gaps and give such a finished look to the window, even across the arched top.

And since customer service is of utmost importance on a shutter, we are especially pleased with all the help we get from the people at Kirtz. Our "go to guy", Ted, will email or call as many times as it takes to get the details figured out. But we wouldn't sell shutters if we didn't have Jason for an installer. His attention to detail is just what every shutter job requires.

Don't rule out curtains just because you have shutters! If your style of decor needs fabric, then go ahead, add the drapes. We think both looks are great.

Visit the Kirtz Shutter webiste for some more awesome pictures and great examples of their work. We like to include them in our "proud to be made in the USA" category.

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