Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vendor Highlight #2: Lafayette

We do order many hard window treatments from Lafayette, but one of our favorites would be their woven wood shades. Their brand of woven woods is called Manh Truc. They can be used in any room in your home. A more popular look is pairing the woven wood shades with drapery panels. There is also a picture on the left side of the blog of a before and after featuring woven wood shades.
A bank of french doors definitely needed sun control. We chose a lining with sunblocking properties which enabled the homeowners to see their TV, not to mention blocking the hot sun that comes through in the summer! Note the color choice---not all woven woods are brown.

Here's another color available in the Manh Truc collection. This one has red stained wood mixed with strips of bamboo. They worked great next too the brick fireplace by adding a mix of ruggedness and color at the same time. The dressier red/bamboo mix blended in nicely with the new wood floors without being too "brown". Sometimes too much stained wood can just get boring, and this could have been one of those cases.

One other provider of woven woods is a company called Woven Woods Plus.
Although we don't order from them as often, they also have a large selection of shades available. Above is an example of an unlined roman over a kitchen sink. They still allow you to see through them when down and do not provide total privacy.

Lafayette does provide continuing education for their products which is a another important part of being a good vendor. One of the most knowledgeable reps for hard window treatments is Jennifer K. She is quick to respond to our questions and knows about all of Lafayette's products.

Come by and see the variety of woven wood shades, you'll be surprised by all the choices.

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