Sunday, February 20, 2011

Madison Lane Introduces our newest jewelry line from Anne Vaughan Designs

Founded in 2006, Anne Vaughan Designs was created so Anne could find a way to work while doing her first job - being a mom.
Over three years, four employees. eleven (and counting) retail shops and tens of thousands of pieces of distinct jewelry later, Anne designs each individual item.
She showcases her work at retail events, stores and festivals, private home shows, and creates custom and bridal jewelry as well.

We met Anne at the Orlando Market (ACRE)  last month.  You may have read through the post here.  The colors she mixes into her jewelry designs really caught our eye.  After visiting with her on the first day, we told her we would be back later to place an order.  Anne told us to go by and visit her husband, who was helping her out in another section of the show (the cash and carry).  She had many of her one-of-a-kind  pieces over there, and we could take them with us that day.  That's just exactly what we did, but we still went back to Anne's booth and bought more.  Here's our picture of Anne at the ACRE show in Orlando:

 We purchased the confetti style necklaces and bracelets, along with a couple of unique styles that are no longer being made by Anne.  She told us sometimes a design turns out to be more work than she anticipated, and they don't make it to the regular line, but she does custom work, so you can still make a request for a special design.

Something we haven't carried in the shop is silver jewelry---it's usually a matter of price.  We loved these casual beaded/pendant style necklaces, and bought the two styles with the silver pendants.  They would be great with your jeans and open collar shirt, or even a knit top.  The beading is smaller and with a lot of variety.  The silver (or copper) pendants are just large enough to get noticed, but not overtly so.  

Stop in and see Anne's jewelry designs.  We are proud to support more women doing business here in the U.S.A. and always excited to have the the most unique jewelry in the area!

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