Saturday, February 26, 2011

Facebook and the Oscars

We finally have a presence on Facebook!  I wondered why we should bother, we have a nice blog!  However, after noticing many other businesses adding more and more "Fans" or "Likes" to their Facebook page, I began to think we would be missing out on something that's still considered free advertisement.

If you want to see quick updates from the shop and be one of the first to know about sales, then click on the facebook icon and then click on the "Like" button.  We can promise that we won't be posting enough to annoy you, but you can always  "Hide" friends that do that!  It's necessary to have more people like your business page in order to use other applications within our Facebook account. 

Oh, and why does this new Facebook account remind me of the Oscars?  Do you remember Sally Field's acceptance speech from the 1985 Academy Awards?  It's the " you like me, you really like me . ." speech that I think about every time I check on the Facebook page!  I watched the entire speech on You Tube, and it's actually even more corny than I remembered!  I suspect this weekend's show will have some memorable speeches, too.

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