Sunday, February 13, 2011

Virtual Decorating---seeing is believing!

 If you follow Madison Lane's blog, you know we do computerized drawings for our window treatment customers, as well as our custom bedding customers.  Pam has been doing 3-D room arranging for some time.  It includes a virtual walk-through of the newly designed living space.  At this time, we are sharpening our skills for more virtual decorating---and we hope to add long distance customers to this section of the business.  We are able to add the fabrics and furniture, as seen in the picture above, so the customer can see their choices all together in their finished room.

Through this service we will add our custom window treatments and bedding for our long distance customers.  The blog has opened up an endless world of customers, and we intend to provide virtual decorating as well as the real thing to those of you not in our immediate area.

We'll soon have a real website up and running for online purchases, but for now, please feel free to call or email Madison Lane Interiors for more information.  Seeing really is believing!

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