Saturday, May 4, 2013

We're attending a University---Hickory Chair University!

Yes, we have the opportunity to learn all about Hickory Chair Furniture: from the factory to the showroom.  We already know how great their furniture looks, and now we will learn about the construction and see the craftsmen actually building, upholstering, and finishing the pieces.  

Jules Chair

Many of our customers have sat in our "Jules Chair" and felt the comfort firsthand.  We purchased this particular chair after learning it was considered one of the most comfortable styles and we also loved the look.  The wood base can be stained or painted in a color of your choice and tacks can be used or left off for a more simple look. 

Wakeley Tufted Sofa

You'll find a loveseat sized Wakeley Sofa in our shop.  Besides the unique style, we like the fact that it can be customized in size.  Starting with the smallest size of 39", it makes a great looking chair.  If you have the need for an oversized length, this sofa can be as long as 120"!  The Wakeley has a deep cushion as well at 26", which makes it great for those tall guys, or a nice one to curl up in.   Hickory Chair has several pieces of furniture that can be ordered to your exact specs, which is just another reason we like this company so much.  It's all about the options!!!

Stay tuned to our full report from Hickory Chair.  We will have to close the shop during our visit to North Carolina, but we are always available through email or find us on our Facebook page.

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