Sunday, February 7, 2010

Upcoming billboard is a joint venture

Our best advertising dollars, to date, has been the billboard on 2nd and Main Street. The arrow always points the way to "4 blocks west" and we intend to keep that same message. We recently partnered with our friends Julie and Jon at Calotype Photography on the next billboard.

This will be the picture on 2nd and Main for awhile. We are hoping people will see we are a friendly store, and feel more inclined to stop in and look around. I also hope we can stand to see ourselves on the "bigger than life" billboard for the next few months!

Thanks so much to Calotype Photography for working with us---they really make the whole picture taking experience fun, and we thought that would be impossible. Take time to look through their blog and visit their Facebook pages, too. You'll be very impressed. We hope they'll benefit from the 2nd and Main Street billboard as much as we have.

1 comment:

Julie Stephens said...

:) You were awesome to work with! :) Thanks for the compliments. Can't wait to see it up!


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