Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do your floors need a dash of color???

Does the title of the post sound familiar? Does the banner (at least for this first week of September) look like something you've seen before? Well, if you drive past 2nd and Main, you have surely noticed our billboard. We just wanted you to know the sample display for Dash and Albert has arrived! Yes, it is large, and yes, we are still rearranging. But---you'll be able to see, touch and even "check-out" large sample sizes of every rug made by Dash and Albert. If you are not familiar with their line of rugs, please look over their website. We even have a couple of their great bags! But hurry in, or you may have to view those on our shoulder. We'll try to keep them around for you to see in person----but it's gonna be hard.

We hope your floors do need a dash of color. Madison Lane is your only area Dash and Albert dealer.

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