Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Storyboards: featuring furniture arrangements and window coverings

We were recently asked if we would like to set up a display for a spec home being built in a new development just southwest of town. One of the agents for the properties, Gay Lynne, is buying a cottage for herself. With this in mind, we did a room plan featuring colors and patterns that we thought she would like. The Kilm Beige walls are a nice backdrop for the robin's egg blue fabric accents and brown leather sofa. We suggested woven wood shades for privacy and an embroidered faux silk fabric for the drapes. The table lamp has a glass base which is a nice contrast next to the shades. The sofa would be situated across from the chairs with a large ottoman in front that could be used as additional seating or as a table by using a tray on top.

If you have a new home or need to update your current one, we can provide the same services. Not everyone needs a total redo--maybe just a room re-arrangement or a new curtain is on your "to do" list. Pricing for floor plans is by the square foot. Window treatment renderings are priced for each page drawn.

Drop by and let us help you visualize your dreams before they come true!!

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