Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unique Jewelry Finds

Our best jewelry finds are from the artists here in the USA! Oh yeah, you can find some deals from other countries, but we really think it's important to support our artists and craftsmen. One of our new "friends", Becky, makes soldered jewelry, glass pendants, and even pendants from small Scrabble Tiles. Save those diamonds and jewels for special events and dress up your "everyday" outfits with these fun, inexpensive pieces of jewelry.

The rectangular shaped soldered pendants are two-sided. We have ball chains and a large assortment of ribbon cords for your pendants, or you may use them with a cord or chain you already have.

This daisy would make a great gift for that gal pal who is still waiting for that Mr. Perfect!

This one is for the friend who has apparently found "Mr. Perfect". What a great shower gift. And for some of you out there: did your first Barbie look like her, too???

Here's an example of the glass tiles. They are even prettier in person because you can see the depth of the glass and the shine that is not visible in the picture.

This one is actually done on a Scrabble Tile. What a pretty burst of color from something so small!

We continually have good luck selling items with dragonflies. There is something a little magical about them---maybe it's their coloring or the fact that they fly so fast no one ever quite gets a good look at them.

Oh, this is for you Kansans out there and anyone who is a fan of The Wizard of Oz. You know the saying that goes with this one . . . . .

"there's no place like Madison Lane, there's no" . . .oh no, I mean "There's no place like home, there's no place like home!!!"

We're not just home decor---come by and see for yourself.

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