Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitchen remodeling: Before, during, and during . . . .

OK, be honest, what would you do to this kitchen???? Here's a before picture of all the oak cabinets, green laminate counter tops, laminate floors, and the lovely soffit above the cabinets.

Please forgive my camera, it was acting up on this day! You are getting an idea of the new plan. New cherry cabinets mounted to the ceiling. The soffit was torn out, walls were painted a pale blue, and counters and backsplash are almost ready!

The counter tops arrived: uba tuba granite and a travertine backsplash that was kicked up a notch with glass tiles. We decided to avoid interference with the outlets by placing a band of glass just above everything in a solid line. I know, the beach towels really add a nice touch. I still vote for the "appliance garage" if you need to keep things within reach but don't want them cluttering the counter. We want to show off the backsplash.

The tile guy sure finishes out the edges nicely, don't you think? We can't wait to see the finished kitchen, either, but there's still painting to be done and dust to settle before a good photo can be taken. We've got tables and chairs to purchase, a window seat to cover and a window to dress. There's a lot going on in here that you haven't even seen. The built-in TV cabinet and hutch, and the desk and open shelving is just around the corner. Stay tuned for the progress and updates.

Remember to contact us before the demolition begins. A few hours of consulting time to help you with your next remodel might be worth much more in the long run.

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